Adoption Resources

On this page is a list of adoption resources we are using.  This list will grow as our family grows.  If you have resources to share, feel free to email  Resources are listed in the order we are needing them.  That may change, as the list grows...I can imagine there will be many more to come.

The Love Basket
The agency we are choose to use for the adoption.  This is a private, Christian agency located in Missouri.

American Adoptions
This agency was recommended by a friend who has adopted.  While we are planning to use them (this time around), their website has a ton of useful information!
An amazing organization that provides financial assistance to adoptive families and cares for orphans overseas.  We have yet to use this organization for our own adoption (I'm sure we will when the time arrives), but have supported them for years.

Nebraska Christian Services
A Christian agency in Omaha.  We plan to use this agency for our Home Study.  We know a little about the Home Study, but will know much more very soon.  It's one of our first big steps in the process!

La Leche League 
For assistance and support regarding breastfeeding

Adoption Learning Partners 
We are using this site to take a class as part of our Home Study.


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