Domestic Adoption

Adam and I have chosen Domestic Adoption as our first experience with adoption.  The agency we have chosen to work with is The Love Basket, located in Hillsboro, Missouri.  The Love Basket is a private, Christian adoption agency experienced in both Domestic (U.S.) and International adoptions.  Their Domestic adoption program is "Birth Placement" only, which means the most important person in our journey is Baby's birth mother.  She will be given a stack of scrapbooks and profiles of different families whose adoption applications fall in line with her needs and wants for Baby.  From this assortment of books, she will choose Baby's forever family. 

A lot of people have asked, "So, is it like Teen Mom, where she gets to pick you guys."  The best answer I have is, "Yes."  However, we must all remember that television is a dramatized version of life, so dramatized in fact...that I don't even like to call it a "version" of life, but, more appropriately, a mock.

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