This blog is dedicated to Reagan Dawn Boxdorfer and Maneka Hope Boxdorfer (aka Maneka Shaniqua Sha Nae Nae, 'Neka Hope).

These two girls gave me my first experiences as a nanny, taught me how to love, helped me develop patience, and were a shining ray of light in my life from the day I met them.  Reagan was adopted from the United States and Maneka, from India.  The two sisters couldn't be more different from one another, but both share a special place in my heart that God reserved specifically for them.

After hearing her adoption story, Reagan would tell her mom, "I'm your angel, straight from heaven."  And she was sure to remind all of us, especially when she wasn't particularly happy with one of us, that she was "an angel straight from heaven!"  I will never forget her little four-year-old voice making such a true declaration.  She was sent straight from heaven, to the Boxdorfer family, to me, and to everyone in her world.

Maneka was only a baby when I was her nanny.  We would spend our mornings singing and dancing while Reagan was at Pre-School.  I had a praise and worship VHS tape from Hillsong that Maneka loved to watch.  But even more than the VHS that she and I played until the inner tape was worn down, she loved my Kids Praise! CD.  Her favorite song was "Every Move I Make" and her favorite part was "na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na".  It was the part she could sing.  She would run in my room, pick up the CD case, or point to my stereo, and earnestly sing "na na na na".  I loved this about Maneka.  Who can say, "No" to a toddler asking you to join her in praising Jesus?  So we played our song and sang as loud as we could.  The whole family would join in when they were home.  That song became our anthem, and "Na na" became my new name.  To this day, Maneka, Reagan, and the rest of their family refer to me as "Na Na" and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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