Friday, September 7, 2012

If it Looks Like Monday, and it Smells Like Monday...?

Forget to fast before doctor's appointment and have to reschedule blood work: check

Continue with exam to at least cover everything else in the paperwork: check

Have nurse "verify" a ton of medical information that is NOT yours because she has the wrong chart: check

Strip down completely naked in preparation for exam, and have nurse barge in on you, leaving the door wide open as people walk down the hallway: check

Akward (LONG) moment with nurse saying "sorry, I just need, um, I need these, um, over here, I'm, um,..." and other annoying half words that don't help the situation WHILE THE DOOR IS STILL WIDE OPEN AND YOU'RE STILL COMPLETELY NAKED: check

Meet with doctor and answer a million questions for the millionth time: check

Hear doctor say, "Adoption is important, I will personally fill all of this out for you and be sure everything is taken care of": check (and...sigh with relief)

Forget to ask doctor about adoptive breastfeeding: check

Remind nurse that your correct paperwork said you needed to talk to the doctor about something that was forgotten: check

Have said nurse ask you to loudly repeat yourself in the check-out area, while she calls across the hall to the doctor that her patient needs to speak with her about "adoptive breastfeeding?": check

Doctor enters, saying "Milk bank?!  You wanted to talk about Milk bank!  Right?" While you sit there dumbfounded and explain to both professionals what adoptive breastfeeding is: check

Have doctor refer you to the infertility clinic upstairs to speak with a counselor and a lactation consultant to set up consultations because she said "I don't know how to do that": check

Head upstairs, totally unprepared for this visit (after years of avoiding the infertility clinic) and break down in tears in the hallway: check

Walk out of building and try again next week: walk out completed, second attempt pending

After the morning at the doctor's office, I left a message with our local agent and told her I would drop our paperwork in the mail today or bring it to her Monday morning, but today just wasn't going to work out for me to meet up with her in person.  She hasn't called back and I'm just now realizing I never went to the post office....Looks like I know what to add to Monday's checklist!

Tonight we're shopping for a stroller and a car seat.  This is more research shopping than actual shopping, but it should be a lot more fun than the doctor visit this morning.

Thank you, God, for making Fridays.  And thank you even more....for making Saturdays.  It's my favorite day this week.

Have you hugged your babies today?  Now is the perfect time.


  1. Whew...what a mess! Sounds like you have pregnancy brain, and a dumb nurse!