Monday, November 12, 2012

"You've Got Mail"

Our instructions for or Profile book have arrived!  We also received two complete profiles from couples who have recently adopted through Love Basket.  The profiles are packaged the same way, but designed differently.  I've been contemplating how to do our own profile, and think I will stick with the look and style of our Pictorial Essay.  I shared a page or two of our Pictorial Essay back when I was working on it.  I'm going to include the whole presentation in this blog.  I'm not sure how much time I will take to pause and upload profile pages as I create them, but I want to share what we've done so far!  

These pages won't be included in our profile, but some of the pictures will be used for sure!  In addition to photos of ourselves, we need photos with of our parents, friends, cousins...our "social circle" and "support group".  Photos of the apartment, vacation photos, and a brief overview of our income and lifestyle will also be included in our profile.  The most important piece of our profile will be the very first page...our letter to Birth Mothers.  I've read an entire book about how to write this letter.  I've talked to my Adoption Counselor about how to write this letter.  Our agent has given me advice on this letter.  I've read multiple samples of this letter....and it has me the most anxious I've been since we started this whole process.  I know I can write well.  I can connect with others emotionally, both written and verbally.  I'm an emotional person who wears my heart on my sleeve.  So the advice I've been given will be easy to follow.  But I can't help but feel "this is IT."  Like I have one shot.  That's not true, because our agency will proof our profile before we make copies of it to send out....but even once they approve it, we're done.  Once the letter is signed, the profile composed, approved, duplicated, and distributed...we wait for God to place it in the right hands.  

This is overwhelming.  My excitement may be the equivalent of a blood test confirming the results of a home pregnancy test mixed with the feeling of actually looking pregnant, having a shower, and physically preparing for Baby's arrival.  I can believe this is happening, but it's more surreal than anything I've experienced to date.  Just before Adam was hired with MM, I told him I felt like we were just sitting in the water.  I saw us in the still of the ocean....knowing the tide was about to come in, the waves would rise and we would not be overtaken by them.  We would rise above them, and enjoy the ride.  That time is here, and it is an amazing, AMAZING adventure.  

Here are the pages of our Pictorial Essay:

 The above pages* were created for Love Basket, in order for them to get to know us a little more.  Our profile book will be similar, but more personal.  It will be created for and addressed to Birth Mothers.  Eventually, I may post sample pages, but I can't commit to it right now.  

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  Our biggest prayers are for the health and peace of our Birth Mother and her baby and the relationship between our Birth Mother and Birth Father.  We pray they are unified in their decision to make an adoption plan for their baby, and we pray everyone goes through this process as healthy as possible and that we all come out stronger on the other side.  Comfort for our Birth Mother is also a prayer.  In addition, we pray for Peace in our household.  Adam and I have some very big decisions coming up and we need to make them together, as a team.  We need to be stronger now than ever before (and we believe we are)!  Our family is growing, and our entire life is about to change. (!!!)

***This just in*** 
 As I was concluding this post, my phone rang.  Our Home Study agent has an approved copy of our report (from her supervisor) and is ready to meet me tomorrow morning so that I can pick it up from her.  Adam and I will review the report for accuracy, sign off on the document, and then it will go straight to Love Basket!  Between now and when I meet our agent in the morning, we need to send her one last piece of information that was forgotten during our visits.  However, that should be completed already (note and a wink to husband: this is your assignment from Wednesday that I'm referring to...) so all we need to do is email it to her!

More to come soon!

*All graphics in this post were created by Nicole Koller.  
Professional photos taken by Jennifer Jayne Photography

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