Friday, August 31, 2012

Are We There Yet?

I just finished sorting through Packet II! A lot of hot pink and baby blue post-it's are poking out of my folder, but I've officially filled out all that I can on my own.

Our adoption books arrived today, too! Those need to be read in the next 4-6 weeks in order to discuss them during our Home Study interviews. There's a slight chance they will collect a little dust between now and then...

I said that I had an appointment scheduled for today, regarding my physical and a blood panel. I was wrong. It's NEXT Friday, which works out well because I was up all night reading blogs on adoptions and levels of openness. (And I may or may not have been catching up on the last season o Teen Mom since I missed it during the move here...)
I went to bed as Adam's alarm was waking him up for work. Yuck. Someone remind me that I'm down to the wire on early bedtimes and days to sleep in! I should be hibernating!!!

Okay, so for Packet II, I need to type up Adams hobbies (I lost his hand written page and he claimed to have forgotten his interests during our Power Paper Session the other night.) I also need to type up our family hobbies. After that, we both need doctor visits taken care of. I need to schedule Adams appointment and then attend my own. We also have a personal and family autobiography to write that answers a handful of questions including why we want to adopt. I will detail that page when we get that far. Lastly, we need to create a photo essay of ourselves so that our agent and the Love Basket staff can get to know us a little better. In that pictorial essay will be a typical day of out week, in photos. How fun! Adam might be slightly annoyed with me by the end of that day. :)

I'm tempted to brave The Home study packet this weekend, but that just might be a tad bit too much. Did I mention we are moving? Yes, in light of all this paperwork, we are home hunting and planning a move. We have until September 30 to finalize those details and leave or apartment keys behind. So, our holiday weekend plans consist of mapping out a Route of local homes and driving around Omaha to check them out. From the looks of it, we will be starting our family in an apartment. Our Davenport house is still on the market, so those bills in addition to the cost of the adoption will keep us from purchasing a house. But that's okay with us! We are a little excited about the lower cost of living and I'm excited that Adam will be able to spend evenings bonding with Baby instead of caring for the lawn and being Mr. fix-it! Of course, he IS a Lewis boy, and I know how they love their lawns and outdoor responsibilities. I hope he has them back soon. But in the mean time, Baby can keep him busy with plenty of
indoor activities. :)

Ideally, Packet II will be ready for the mail by Tuesday. I also plan to send out our reference packets by Tuesday. I will share more about those tomorrow or Sunday. They didn't get finished by today, but oh well. I think I'm still making good time!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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