Saturday, September 15, 2012

If I Had Six Fingers,...

...I could count on one hand, the number of things we have yet to complete for Packet II!

-Our Family Autobiography is almost finished.  I need Adam's answers and input to add to my own and then it's ready to be sent in.

-I need to create a Pictorial Essay for the agency, to help them get to know us better.  Most of our photos are on our desktop computer, which is in that task gets moved to another day.  Unfortunately, it may have to wait until the move is complete.  We will see if I can make it happen before our stuff gets packed up on Thursday...

-We need to take a CPR/First Aid class, which I have yet to find and sign us up for.  That's on the list for today and to confirm on Monday.

-We need to complete an online class in place of our Adoptive Parent Support Group meeting, since I couldn't find one.  We have discussed our options with the agency and plan to take this class tomorrow.  As soon as Adam gets home from work today, we will register for the class and be sure we have all we need to get started.  It is a 2 credit hour course that requires at least 2 hours of work, but possibly more.  I will fill you in on the class when I learn more!

-We need to finish reading our books.  I'm pretty sure I'm prepared to stay up all night to finish my book so that I can swap with Adam...even if he's not finished with his.  The way I see it...we're ONE.  If we each read as much as we can and fill each other in on the rest, I say it counts!  The theme of each book is the same all the way through.  And what is marriage for if not helping each other through the things you don't particularly enjoy? You know, like silly books you don't like reading... ;)

-We need to discuss our thoughts on the openness of our adoption.  I was told by our agent that we could save this paperwork for later and even think on it during the "Waiting Period", so that's what we've done.  It went to the bottom of the pile so we could get the other stuff out of the way and think on this in the background.  However, we are almost at a point where we can't put it off any longer.  I'm sure taking our class will help us with this part of the process and so will my personal sessions with an Adoption Counselor, who can help us find answers to our questions.  We know that our biggest fears of open adoptions are most likely based on false information, so we are open-minded about the whole idea.  We've learned a lot about it already and want to be sure our decision is an informed decision we make together with complete peace.  We are able to change our minds, so our "answer" isn't set in stone....but it will be a relief to have our thoughts sorted out and know what we desire in a relationship with the woman who provides us with the most precious gift we could ever receive. 

We don't have any new information on the Home Study since my last blog post.  I have a meeting on Tuesday to complete my Family History section of the process.  After that we have a final meeting together to cover Adam's Family History section and then whatever else we need to go over.  I still feel a little in the dark about the Home Study.  I'm just following directions and doing what I'm told. :)

Seeing only three sets of stapled pages in front of me feels like a ton of weight off of my shoulders.  The day I received our first packet of paperwork was exciting and daunting at the same time.  The process has been an amazing journey so far.  Adam and I have seen God work in wonderful ways while guiding us through this chapter of our life together.  We've grown closer in the last several weeks and look forward to the rest of this adoption journey.  

We know the "Waiting Period" is coming, and we know it can feel awful for some parents.  But, we also know that God has called us to this part of our life.  Adoption is not a decision we are making solely on our own, or as a last resort.  Our Baby is handpicked by God and He will deliver at the time He has had planned all along...since before either of us were even conceived.  While we wait for our Baby, we will wait on God.  We will continue to love and serve Him in all we do, and will be proactive and intentional in our relationships with each other, our family, the agency, and everyone we come in contact with.  The longer God has us waiting, the more we will seek Him and whatever He has prepared for us in our time of want and wait.  It seems easy to say these things because I don't plan on waiting long....but I know, down to my very core, that however long we wait won't feel like more than a blink when we finally meet our baby.  I'm ready for the "Waiting Period" because I can rest from paperwork before the legal stuff starts.  We can shop for Baby, get our home ready, plan with our family, grow closer to our family, and get excited for Baby's arrival!  We can go on a thousand dates without calling a baby sitter and do a thousand things for the last time in who-knows-how-long.  And then....we can start our life as a family and do a thousand more things we would never do without being a family of more than just two. :) 

Tonight will be my last night of paperwork until our classes are complete.  After that, I'm crawling into bed with my book and not coming out until its finished.

As for prayer:
Our biggest request right now is still for our birth mother, birth father and their union in choosing adoption for Baby.  
I pray for our baby almost daily, that God will anoint his or her journey to our family, and keep him or her from harm or trauma
Prayers for continued peace in our journey are also appreciated, as are prayers for continued support.  We are overwhelmed with the support and joy coming from our family and friends.  Thank you, everyone, for the heartfelt phone calls, emails, and even your blog comments.  Your support has helped fuel our motivation and excitement on our journey!

We love all of you!  Thank you for loving us. :)

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