Thursday, October 25, 2012

Home Study #3...Check!

Slooowwwlllllyyyyy, but surely, we are completing paperwork!  Our Home Study agent is back from vacation, has all of our paperwork and came over yesterday for our final Pre-Adoption Home Study meeting.  She arrived at 9:00am and we were able to finish by 11:45.  Adam and I had focused our energy on preparing for questions like "What is your parenting philosophy?" that I completely forgot to prepare myself for the Family Tree portion.  

During the Family Tree diagramming, we name ourselves, siblings, parents, their siblings, and grandparents, then elaborate on each.  I was totally fine hearing Adam talk about his family, until we came to grandparents.  We've lost two of Adam's grandparents in the last few years and it has been hard on us.  Our agent asked about Grandpa H....and I was fine, then she asked about Grandma's age.  To which Adam replied, "um....she is deceased."  Annnd I cried.  So we talked about Grandma's personality when she was with us, her temperament, demeanor, character, etc.  Annnd I cried.  Luckily we broke the cry fest with Gramma Lewis, who is still with us!  But...then it was time for Grandpa Lewis...annnnd I cried.  I think I excused myself from the table three different times.  We thought we were in the clear, but after asking Adam to describe his sister and her husband, we moved on to Adam.  She told him not to say anything, because she wanted my perspective.  Annnnd I cried.  "President of the fan club" was her note next to my name, concerning Adam.  After I told her how amazing my husband is, she asked him if he had anything to add.  So he did get a chance to chime in.  We moved on (finally) to the questions regarding parenting ideas, traditions, holiday plans, openness in adoption (aaahhh!!!  I thought I was finished there!), ideas concerning discipline, and many more things I no longer remember.  When the meeting was over, I felt the flood gates had opened and anxiety rushed out of me, wave after wave.  I felt relieved to have our meetings finished!  Our training finished!  Our paperwork finished!

So from here:
-Our CSI agent needs to review her notes next week, write up a report about us, and send it to Love Basket.  She is looking at just over two weeks for turnaround time.
-I need to follow up with two doctors regarding release forms for information that has yet to arrive at LB.
-Love Basket will receive the above documents, review, and report back with us regarding our approval of Packet II.  
-Shortly after the approval process, we can expect our profile guidelines to arrive in the mail!  I'm pretty sure the second that packet arrives, the rest of the world will cease to exist.  I will be glued to my computer and working on page after page in hopes of completing our first draft as soon as possible!

I will keep you posted on details of the profile book once I receive the information!

Thank you for your continued prayer and support!  Please keep praying for a unified plan of adoption from our Birth Parents.  This is at the top of our list right now. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Woo Hoo! Another step in the right direction (to parenthood!). So excited that things continue to move forward for you both.

  2. Thanks, Leese! Everything is moving so smoothly and so quickly, we are amazed. God is good :)