Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home Study Meeting Tomorrow!

It's been a week since my last post, and that's not exactly how I would like this to go.  However, I've been avoiding blogging about my feelings because...well, sometimes our feeling can consume us and because there isn't really anything tactile left to do, I'm just thinking about a gazillion things like our relationship with our birth parents, bonding with Baby, options for breastfeeding (or possibly not breastfeeding) Baby, My husband's work hours and how our family life might look, the fact that our contract fell through on our house, so now we're paying for two homes....something we didn't plan on doing until.....um....probably never, what our baby's name might be, Baby's gender, different ideas about parenting a boy as opposed to a girl, and (Adam, don't read this one) what if we have surprise twins?  Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for reading the world's longest sentence.  That's what's been going on in my head.

Out in the real world, I've been building a baby registry, which IS SO MUCH STINKIN' FUN!!!!  I found a site that hosts your registry regardless of where you like to shop.  This means that my quilt I've wanted (for the last five years) from Land of Nod can go on the same registry as our car seat from BabysRus, along with essentials I found at Target and our cloth diapers from a couple different websites!  Woo hoo!  I guess the downside is that it makes shopping in store a little more difficult, but I'm working on a way to help with that.  The registry has been a huge time filler and I'm only doing it because I keep being told that we have to have one, even though we will be so excited to just to have our baby, and introduce him or her, that gifts will surely be over the top.  I have to admit though, the request is one I'm fulfilling with glee. ;)  Who doesn't love making a wish list??

Our final reference letter has arrived at its destination, and tomorrow is our last Home Study meeting.  Our social worker will be at our house at 9am and should be finished at Noon.  We have a lot to cover, so hopefully she's a quick worker tomorrow!  Items on the meeting agenda:
-Adam's family tree and family history
-Our family values
-What it means to each of us to be a Lewis
-What is means to be a family
-What are our ideas of parenting, what is important and how will we handle specific issues
-What are our existing traditions and what new traditions do we hope to start with our own family?
-How will we plan to celebrate holidays
-What are the rules in our house?
-How do we think things will change once a baby arrives?
-And a million other related questions

I feel like the answer to a lot of those questions will depend on our child's temperament and personality.  All children thrive in different ways, express themselves differently, and some need discipline methods that may not be so mainstream.  We will have to deal with issues as they come.  But, I do know this.  Adam and I are a team.  And adding a baby, is adding a team mate...a "Lewis in training." Whatever comes our way (temper tantrums, karate trophies, volleyball state championships, lost soccer games, new family members, and spilled milk...)we will handle as a team.  And when someone needs a "time out".  We'll allow it.  Foul play....will come with penalties, and home runs will be celebrated together.  Our friends and family will be our cheer leaders and we'll make it through all of life with our spirits high and our eye on the ball.  I'm getting a little cheesy with the metaphor, but the point is getting across, no?

After the Home Study meeting, we wait for our social worker to type up her report on us.  She will send it to Love Basket, and then we wait for LB to approve Packet II.  Hopefully this goes as quickly as our approval of Packet I (24 hours)!!!  We shall see...

Once we're approved, we receive guidelines for our profile book along with samples of books from matched families.  I'll share details from that point once we get there.  We're still moving quickly, just don't have as much to do so there's a little less to write about.

Another thing I am thinking about this week is a letter to our Birth Mother.  Every profile books requires this letter, and my adoption counselor is helping me think of what and how to write one.  I have a book to read that's full of advice and samples, a DVD to watch, and then a little online reading to further educate myself.  I'm hoping to have my letter drafted by the time our profile book guidelines come in.  Then, I can get to work on the picture stuff.  That's going to be a lot of fun!  (Grandmas are currently working on gathering past photos and sending this way.  If you have any of your own pictures we've taken together, feel free to send them....you know, for proof we have friends. You can email them to me or take a field trip to the post office if you like!)

I will be back after tomorrow's meeting with an update.  Hopefully, before next Tuesday!

Keep praying!  And thanks for keeping up with the details.  We love our friends and family, and feel the support every day!


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