Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bottoms Up...We're Having a Baby!

Straight to the point....


Adam and Nichole Lewis are officially an "awaiting family" in the adoption files of Love Basket Domestic and International Adoption Ministry in Hillsboro, Missouri!!!

I am currently bossing my husband around to hurry up and shower so we can go to dinner and celebrate!  We had a cheap-o-saving-for-baby date planned for Taco Bell, but I've upgraded us (just a smidge) to Olive Garden so we can at least have a glass of champagne!  

Our agent called today with our official approval and said, "Normally we would now send out a letter of approval and the profile packet.  But, I'm telling you so you don't have to wait for a letter...and I sent the packet already so you're good to go!"  I asked about the letter just to confirm, "So...we won't get a letter?  Just the phone call?"  to which she replied (as an experienced LB adoptive mother), "Yes.  But if you WANT  the letter, I can send it anyway."  Wanna know what I told her?  "Heck yeah I want a letter!  It's going in my binder AND in the baby book!  I'm keeping everything!"  She laughed at me, then said she completely understood...and it was in my inbox within half an hour.  There's a chance it will end up framed in the nursery.....when we have one....

Next up:
We will have a phone interview with a LB Birth Parent Counselor.  The purpose of this is for her to get to know us a little more, ask some questions that she knows Birth Mother's are likely to ask, and so on.  This will be about an hour on the phone, maybe less and then she will start showing our book to her clients!

I need to finish our book.  I had said I wanted to take my time and send it in by January.  Adam said he didn't want to wait, and let's shoot for Christmas.  After today....I'm pulling all nighter's until it's finished so it's on our agent's desk first thing Monday morning!  

We're having a baby, People!!!!

Okay so the reality is comparable to.....being 7 months pregnant....and we could stay "7 months pregnant" for a year or longer....but I don't even care!  The hard part is over!  I can wait 5 years if I have to (okay not really....God, I didn't mean that!)  But I'm so freaking excited!!!  Woo!!!
 Please keep praying!
-Unity for our Birth Parents in their decision to make an adoption plan
-Peace in our household for upcoming decisions and conversations to be made and had.
-Money to start growing on our Christmas tree so we can pay our (ginormous) fees as they come up (hopefully sooner than later!)  Okay...maybe not money on the Christmas tree, but guidance for our adoption loan and smooth sailing for that whole process...

Thank you for traveling with us!  We have a way to go, but we're so excited to be where we are!  

Thank you, Jesus!  We "knew" we would be approved, but now it's so real it's hard to breathe.

I'm about to start rambling.
Peace.  I have a hot date!             

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