Monday, November 26, 2012

"I think I can...I think I can"

It's been 10 days since my last post and today was the first day I really made much progress at all.  Granted, there was a holiday in there...and a whole lot of driving/traveling...but I wish I had more finished than I do.

We have not heard from Love Basket yet, regarding our approval of Packet II.  I will call tomorrow to check in with our agent.

As of now, we are finished working with our Home Study agency until our baby arrives home with us (!!!!)  Then, we will do a set of post-placement visits.  Details on that process will come as it gets closer.

I've worked on our profile a little more.  Ten pages are drafted and a handful of photos have been selected (thanks to the help of my BFF when she came to visit last weekend)!  I need to sit down and put in a solid few hours on this profile book, but it's hard to do with Christmas coming!  I so badly want to keep pressing on.  And I so badly want to be sure to enjoy the holidays this year and not be so consumed with "expecting a baby" that the rest of my life passes me by.  It's a tough balance.  No matter what I decide to work on, I feel like my time should be spent on something else.  EVERYTHING Baby, Christmas gifts, Decorating for Christmas, Baking for Christmas....I have a million things I usually fill my time with this time of the year and I don't want to drop everything.  I need to sit down this week and prioritize my wishes!

Today, I drafted our Dear Birthmother letter.  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!  I have several re-writes ahead of me, but the bones are there.  I plan to send out my draft to a few select resources who have written their own letters, and hopefully receive feedback soon after.  Technically, we are not "behind" schedule, because we haven't been approved yet, and our packet for the profile book came early.  But, I want our book ready as soon as we are approved!  It will drive me crazy to be working on it knowing that I could have "finished already" and Birth Mothers are not getting a chance to see it "yet".  (Insert cyclone inside the brain)

I think that's all I have for right now.  As I complete more pages in our profile, I will try to share them.  Our letter will remain confidential, but I will share the process as we write it.  For now, the main requirement is a length no longer than one page, including a 3x5 photo.  I have a seven page document of other guidelines and directive, but will spare you the overwhelming least for now, anyway.

After prioritizing my goals tomorrow, I will be a woman on a mission!  (Even more so than I already am....)  Keep watch for details.  We plan to finish this book before Christmas!  I have 29 days left!

Please continue to pray for unity between our Birth Mother and Birth Father.  Their decision to make an adoption plan together will be a huge blessing in the midst of everything to come!  Peace of mind for our Birth Mother, and a healthy pregnancy and delivery are also at the top of the list.  Peace in our home is a continued request...and a prayer I can say, first-hand, has been working!  Thank you!  Thank you! For praying for us.  

Oh!  I almost forgot!  I decided at the beginning of all of this that I wasn't going to miss out on anything just because I'm not pregnant.  We are expecting a baby.  It's an exciting time in our life!  I've decided to have as much fun as possible....which includes jumping in on the belly photos on Facebook.  I've already posted our initial announcement with my "starter belly".  Here are the new photos I took with M last weekend!  (This is a talent I possess...and for the sake of my self-esteem, I feel the need to clarify that I am pushing everything as much as I can for the sake of these photos and I do not look this pregnant on a daily basis.)

14 Weeks into the adoption process:

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