Friday, November 16, 2012

Step by Step....Inch by Inch....

Yesterday our Home Study was edited, signed by all necessary parties, and emailed to Love Basket.  I talked with our Adoption agent today.  Here is where we are:

Adoption agent prepares our file for the review committee
Review committee (one other agent, plus the agency's owner) review our file
After approval (which I was told to expect), we have a phone interview with one of the agents at Love Basket who meets with Birth Parents.  Once the interview is complete, our profile book is reviewed by that same agent and sent back to us for revisions (if necessary).  After the final copy is approved, we make six more copies of our profile and send them to Love Basket.  From there, LB sends them out to all Birth Parent counselors.  Once they are in the hands of counselors, all profile-ready Birth Parents begin to review our book. (Deeep breathe)

A few elaborations:
The owner of Love Basket has been out of the office since Tuesday.  He will return Monday, but then leave again for the rest of the week.  Our agent is doing her best to put what she can on his desk for Monday, but warned me that we may not hear back from her, regarding his approval, for two weeks.  (!)

We were given our profile instructions early, so we can work on that early and have it reviewed even before we are officially approved.  'm working on that book now (finally!) and hope to complete it by the end of next week.

We are so freaking close to being available to birth mothers!  I have goosebumps all over my body as I type this information.  

Since I'm at a stopping point on the first page I'm working on for our profile book, I'm going to share it with you.  This is a template.  The only thing that won't change is the photo of the layout of our apartment.  Also remember the photo is a screen shot, so the black border won't be on the printed page.  I hope to knock out three of these pages before Little Man wakes up!  Cross your fingers for me!  I need this tightening in my chest to go away now.

P.S. if you click on the photos I upload, they will enlarge on your screen.

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