Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm a Nut Job

No news yet, you can breathe.  
At this point, I'm blogging to stay sane.

My husband is being "Classic Adam", cool as a cucumber over here while I freak out about not having a car seat and not knowing what to do with the baby stuff I DO have that's taking over my bedroom and what if I forget everything I know about taking care of little tiny people?!  I talked to Morgan today, about a million times, and she made me call a friend to come help because she's too far away to drop her whole life and show up on my doorstep tomorrow (I guess I understand that).  So, I do have help on the way.  THANK GOODNESS!  I'm not sure if she knows what she's getting herself into....but we're making room in this shoebox of an apartment for a baby!  And we're organizing things.  Like crazy women.  And possibly making a trip to Target (duh) to buy things to organize with.  We're new friends.  But if there's ever a time to bond...its coming together in the midst of chaos, right? ;)  Bridgette, if you're reading this, you're my hero!

When Adam gets home from work tomorrow we're shopping for Baby necessities.  And we decided to skip the Bon Jovi concert I've waited 10 years for because I need baby stuff and the reality is that he will probably be singing for 10 more years and I'll still think he's cool when I'm almost 40 and he's 97.  You really only prep for your first baby once in your lifetime.

On my list:
Car Seat
Boppy Cover
Baby Wipes
Burp Cloths
Diaper Cream
Wash Cloths
Bottle Drying Rack

Everything else for the first two weeks I have.  So really....there's nothing MAJOR on the list except the car seat.  But I'd feel a whole heck of a lot better if my "Grab this NOW, a baby is COMING" bag has everything in it and not just some things and a shopping list.  

In other news:
Apparently, when you're adopting, nesting and cravings and all those cutesie pregnancy things you think you'll miss out on, hit ALL AT ONCE and surprise you.  I was checking out at Target today (I really like Target) and heard a lady mention cupcakes to her daughter.  And I thought, "CUPCAKES!!!  YES!!!"  I backed out of my line (yes, I was that girl) and crossed the store to the grocery department and grabbed stuff for cupcakes!  I came home and made salad for dinner (see, it's okay), cleaned that up, and made myself (and Bridgette and Adam and Adam's guys at work) some milk chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and cute little ball-y sprinkles! See?!:

They are delicious!  I'm choosing to enjoy the sugar rush and endorphin kick and just write.  The dishes can wait until tomorrow.  And I'm not touching baby stuff again until my backup arrives because my brain with shut down completely if I try to tackle anything else alone right now.

I want to share how I'm feeling about the wait, but it's caught in my chest and it's tight.  And if I start to describe it, I might suffocate.  But it's good.  It's just a whole lot more intense than peeing on a stick and waiting three minutes!

I'm falling asleep (yes!!!!)  More to come.

Thank you for praying!  Right now, our biggest concern is that Baby Girl needs a Mommy and a Daddy to take her home.  We would LOVE for her to be ours, but if that's not God's plan, that's okay.  I just want her home.  Wherever home is.  Please pray for peace for Baby's Birth Mother while she reviews profiles and chooses a family for her daughter.  She has 10 books to review.  I know how much information had to go into our book.  I can't imagine looking through TEN of them and having to choose one for my baby.  I hope she feels nothing but peace.  Please pray for my sanity (and that I keep breathing...because I forget to do that sometimes...especially when the phone rings or I get an email) and for Adam's patience.  He has tons of it (God made him just for me!), but I'm sure I'm requiring much more than normal right now.  And normal requires a pretty big bunch of it!

Goodnight friends and family.  We love you.  We love you more than you know. 

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