Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chomp Chomp Chomp

I know how excited and relieved I was to get some kind of update from Love Basket here is what we know:

As of 3:00 today, Birth Mom had not looked at the 10 profile books headed her way.  

Once she selects a couple, that couple will be notified by phone.  The remaining families will receive a (group) email letting them know the child's adoptive family was selected.

If we are to be selected, we would have a "Match Meeting" with the Birth Family right away.  The details after that are a little confusing, but basically there's an estimated two week wait period for the custody hearing to be scheduled for court.  In that two week period, our plan is a hotel stay for the duration of that waiting period.  

Once the custody hearing is over, we wait for our Interstate Compact Agreement.  This is a court ordered document allowing us to leave the Baby's birth state and also to enter our state of residence, with the baby.  

Once we are home with baby, we have a six month, supervised monitoring period that consists of more home visits (my favorite part...), and basic overview of our care for baby and set up in our home.  Once this six months is complete (and we "pass" the most nerve wracking of all time parenting tests), then our adoption is finalized and Baby is legally ours.

There are fuzzy details in the middle that I will try to make clear as I see them more clearly myself.

I've realized in all of this that even if this Birth Mother doesn't choose us...someone will!  And the reality of us expecting a baby has hit home.  My "nesting" has set in and I'm doing baby laundry, washing bottles, and making lists, and packing bags so that we're ready for our baby.  No, I'm not packing my suitcase with my clothes in it.  I'll wait to do that until I know I'm going somewhere soon.  I am, however, packing Baby's essential that are gender neutral (aka no clothes yet).  I have a few lists I'm using to be sure I have everything covered from Boppy to Bottles (thank you THANK YOU Aunt Morgan!!!)  I can't really think straight so I'm sure I'll be making a Target run the second I get there because I'll forget something essential.  But that's okay.  That's why God made Target.

Thank you for praying!  Please continue to pray for peace and guidance.  We trust God's will and His perfect timing.  (I just have to sit on my hands and tape my mouth shut, that's all...)


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