Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"I have an idea..."

"I have an idea..."

That's what the little notification bubble on my phone read last night when I picked it up from the other room to plug in it before bed.  A friend had texted me to share an idea, an idea that I thought was fantastic.  So, I'm about to be "that" girl, maybe, and say something a little bit crazy.  But what Mom do YOU know...who isn't just a little bit crazy?

I have a LOT of faith in God regarding this baby girl due in October.  And the Bible says that all I need, is a little.  Every single moment that doubt says she might not be mine, is countered by scripture I read, prayers I pray, and memories God brings to mind of Him being there for me and walking through life with me.  I have no idea how I will deal or what I will say if this birth mom doesn't choose us, because every time I start to wonder...I'm stopped dead in my tracks and every part of me hears, "Get ready.  She's coming."  How do you NOT listen to that?!  I'm not preparing for the "what-if".  I'm not opening up the thoughts of disappointment.  I refuse to do so.  I've boldly asked for this baby every single day since I learned about her.  I've spoken to my friends and asked them to pray *specifically* for this baby to be ours.  I've brought it here, to everyone's attention, and asked all of our friends and family to join us in asking God for THIS baby girl.  And I won't stop.

My friend's text from last night said this:

"Okay I have a thought...send out a group text that we all stop whatever we are doing and go into prayer specifically for October baby.  All together.  On bended knee.  Each by ourselves, but still at the same time.  'When two or more are gathered in my name...'  What are you thoughts??"

1. This friend lives in another state, so she was asking, truly, about gathering together but separately.
2. I'm beyond blessed to have people like this in my life, invested in our family.
3. I LOVE this idea.
4. The rest of that verse, when two or more are gathered in my name, says, "there I am in the midst of them."

So.  Here's my proposal.  Tonight. 8pm CST.  If you're reading this, and you want to stand with me and Adam in prayer for our family, take a minute- or more if you wish, and ask God to bless us with THIS baby girl due in October.  She doesn't have a name.  We don't know Mom's name.  BUT we know God's name and it is in HIS name that we pray.  He knows who we are.  He knows our hearts.  He knows exactly who "October Baby" is.  And when I pray for her, that's who I pray for.  I ask God "for THIS October Baby."  Adam and I will be joined together in prayer this evening.  Anyone who would like to pray with us, is invited to join us in asking Jesus to go to the Father on our behalf (John 14:16-if Jesus can go to the Father on our behalf and ask for the Holy Spirit to be sent to earth, He can go to the Father and ask for a child to have this specific home).  We are asking that God choose US to parent October Baby.  We are asking that he cover her Birth Mother with peace and all that she is looking for when looking through our book.  That's it.  We aren't asking for anything bigger than that.  Simply to be chosen, to be blessed with THIS child, and to have THIS opportunity to be parents and to teach her how to love others the way Jesus loves us.

Will you join us? 

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