Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kickin Bums and Takin' Names...wait...what?

As I sit here to address the latest happenings in the Baby Lewis story, my husband is across from me filling out his "Self Study" that has to be complete before he goes to bed tonight (which is about an hour from now...)and he is saying the sweetest things about how much free time he has, how much he loves to fill out paperwork, and how meaningful each of these questions are to him.  You know, the questions I posted yesterday. And every answer he gives me aloud sounds thoughtful, deep, and completely sincere.  
I will let you decide how much of the above is true. ;)

I did so much today, I feel like some of it happened days ago.  This morning I went to the doctor's office to have my blood panel taken care of.  I remembered to fast this time!  Woo!  I had my urinalysis taken care of, too.  I had forgotten about that.  Man, I love peeing in a tiny cup.  Don't you?  (I would elaborate here, but I have a lot to cover and I want to go to bed soon).

After the doctor, I headed to (wait, I can't remember...give me a second...oh!) I went to the State Patrol office to have my fingerprints scanned!  That was really fun.  I filled out a card with all my personal information and turned my hands over to the nice lady in the little room full of computers.  She wiped my fingers with wet wipes (Huggies, to be exact...I looked) and told me to try not to help her roll them on the screen (that was more difficult than I thought it was going to be).  This was way cooler than having black ink rolled onto my fingertips.  She rolled each finger over a little panel on the computer that looked like a clear mouse on a laptop (you know, the little box you roll you thumb around on...yeah, that).  She did this with all 10 phalanges of my hands, wiped them again with wet wipes (now I know how all those little kiddos feel when I'm constantly cleaning them...thank goodness she left my face alone!) and sent me on my way.  Easy peasy.  The printed cards went into an envelope and I headed to the post office.

On my way to the post office, I realized I didn't have time to get there, ship my fingerprints and the two other packages I had with me, and get to work on time so I decided to take Little E with me (he's 14 months old and loves doing anything that requires "going vroom" in my car and leaving the house).  Before heading to work, I treated myself to Olive Garden.  By myself.  And I'm completely okay with that.

The trip to the post office went something like this:
E: "Byeee"
Me: "You wanna go 'bye'?  Do you want to go back to the Post Office?  You had fun last time."
E: "Yeah.  Bye"
Me: Okay, let's go to the Post Office!  We have boxes this time!  You can help me mail them, and drop them in the bin...it's gonna be fun!"
E: "bye!"
"Bye" we go

Me: "E, I need you to hold my hand so we can walk inside (while balancing two boxes and the fingerprint envelope on one hip so I can bend down and hold his hand with the other...this is what yoga is helping with...)"
E: "No! Walk"
Me: "You can walk, but you need to hold my hand.  Please?"
E: "I walk.  Ehhhh" (whining as I try to hold his precious little hand)
Me: Okay, you can walk, but we're standing in the middle of the parking lot.  Look! A car!  Hurry! Hurry! Let's go!  Hold my hand!"
E: (not buying the excitement or thrill of danger...) "ehhhhh! Walk!"
Me: Okay, here, take this.  Can you hold this box for me?  Let's take them inside.  You don't have to hold my hand, but I need you to help. (If he's holding a box maybe he can't run away too quickly?)
E: (excited) "Walk!"
Me: "Yes! Walk! Walk! Walk!" (while marching into the Post Office looking awesome)

We weighed our packages, used the automated postal system that looks like an ATM (fun!) and Little E walked each item to the bin, dropped it into the little thingy that looks like the end of a construction vehicle of sorts, then smiled ear to ear as he lifted the handle and said "Byeeee" and gasped in amazement as it disappeared, leaving the construction looking thingy open.  And repeat.  Of course, on the way out, Little E had to say "Bye!  Thanks." to everyone in line behind us.  As soon as we hit the parking lot, "Vroom!"  so we did....in my 2004, granny gold, Toyota Camry that he thinks is AWESOME.  (So do I, but he will change his mind well before I do).

Later, while Little E took his nap, I received a phone call from my doctor regarding my blood work and to let me know that she finished my paper work today.  (How sweet!)  I sorted through my adoption folder for anything I could work on without a computer and came up dry.  So I read my book.  Oh, the book...

One day, when I write my first book, if it's about adoption, I will not say a single thing about how an adopted child isn't your actual child.  I won't dwell on the fact that you aren't really the parent...for over 300 pages, and I won't offer advice by saying, "Psychologists say...." and not give you the name of someone with their full title.  Even if I make it up, at least I'll make it look like I'm citing my "sources".  I'm not a huge fan of this book (can you tell?), but I understand why I need to read it.  I first opened it with a completely open and excited mindset.  However, I quickly learned that taking every word to heart would ruin my child's chance of having a Mom without an adoption complex, so now I'm reading to finish, and only taking bits and pieces from this silly little guide to adoptive parenting.  Hopefully the next book is better...and hopefully, when we switch, Adam will remember I'm not the one assigning the homework.  He's gonna love this book as much as I do!  Maybe more.

I also called on Grandmas today, Baby's...not mine.  We need a certified copy of each of our birth certificates along with our marriage license.  After learning that doing this myself, via the in-ter-net, would not be a convenient option, I delegated the task to our mothers.  Each mom is getting a birth certificate and one mom is also requesting a copy of our marriage license (I won't tell you which one...remember, I'm going for at least a little mystery here).  All three documents will be delivered by hand, or via snail mail, by this Friday.  Yay for grandmas! ;)

Let's see...what else have we accomplished?  Adam is almost finished with his Self Study and we're about to go over, well, I'm not exactly sure what...whatever needs to be "gone over" before our Home Study visit tomorrow.  I have the day off since I only work afternoons and, well, the visit is in the afternoon, so Jovi and I are going to clean and prep and work our way to impressing the socks off this lady!  Okay, I'm gonna work, Jovi is going to sit in the chair propped up on the pillows and claim the blanket while watching my every move with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth.  I'll be sure to post pictures.

In addition to the Home Study, I have a La Leche League meeting tomorrow!  I will post more of that on the appropriate page, but I'm kind of excited to go.  The leader (whose name I have completely forgotten.  Sweet.) said I will be the only adoptive mother there, but if I committed to being there, she would do research for me and be sure I felt included and welcome.  Yay!  That's fun!  Hopefully I make new friends and they don't all hate me because I'm expecting a baby and don't look like a walking beach ball.  Hey, I don't get that pretty little glow either...I think it's fair.

Next on the list:
-Type our autobiography for Love Basket
-Compose our Photo Essay for Love Basket
-Attend an online class with Adoption Learning Partners 
-Find a CPR/First Aid training to attend in order to receive/update certification

After all of that, we get to move on to our Profile Book for birth mothers!!!

After tomorrow's Home Study visit, I should know more of what is required from CSI.  It sounds like the packet from them was just to get us to this point...it didn't necessarily lay out everything like our Love Basket Packets.  More to come on that as we know things.

***Interruption***  I just read my husband's answers to his Self Study...and he thinks I'm cute (how sweet)!  And he says that this adoption process is one of the highlights of our relationship.  (I guess he didn't appreciate my bad aim and shoe-throwing as much as I thought...)

I'm losing focus.  Brain and body are falling asleep.  If I missed anything, I'll cover it tomorrow.  

I'll be back.

"Goodnight John Boy!" 
"Good Night Mary Ellen."

Good night to our friends and family. ;)

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  1. I just want to say....you're crazy. I love you mom-to-be.