Friday, October 12, 2012

Stuck in the Mud

I'm beginning to feel defeated by all this paper work.  As soon as I think I'm finished (remember the exciting post about having five things left to do), I come up with another mile-long To-Do list!

Here's what I'm looking at, in no specific order, really:

-Follow-up with last reference for Love Basket
-Mail Missouri Background Forms (these were forgotten in Packet II)
-Photocopy Adam's CPR Card
-Obtain (read: find) my CPR Card
-Mail copies of both cards to LB
-Follow up with CSI Agent (on October 15th)
-Print Pictorial Essay for our records
-Print Family Autobiography for our records
-Print certificate from Adoption Learning Partners (our online class)
-Send copy of ALP certificate to LB
-Deliver forgotten forms and certificates to CSI (W-2s, Birth Certificates, Marriage be presented at our final Pre-Adoption Home Study meeting)
-Finish LB Adoption Training (Discussion Panel, last part of disk 3)
-Get signatures from Adam (I have a stack of papers for him, it's been awhile...I bet he misses getting stacks of paper from me, you now, because it's so sexy)
-Sign and Send DVD Training Form (says we completed the training via DVD)
-Fill out Contact with Birth Parents worksheet (dun dun dun...)

Okay.  That's my list.  Hopefully I can tackle most of this over the weekend!  I've been working non-stop on moving and can't believe how quickly time is going by while my adoption list grows and grows.  I *think about it a LOT...but thinking and doing are NOT the same.  (too bad, man).

I've had a million thoughts as I've been *not* doing things on my list and I can't even remember what all has gone through my head.  Plenty of times I thought, "ooh, I should blog about's kind of important."  And then three days go by and I forget that I wanted to blog about...wait, what was it I was so caught up in yesterday?...So, yeah, that's how it goes when you're moving and adopting, and moving, and selling a house all at the same time.

I DID, however, think (and remember that I thought) about going back to school.  There is a psychology class on my list of requirements that I was saving for when I transferred to a University.  However, I *can* take it at the community college level.  It's a class on child growth and development that I think would teach me an invaluable amount of information regarding the psychology and brain development of our new baby and how to implement the most important measures regarding attachment and bonding.  I'm missing out on the first 9 months of this, so we will have some catching up to do from the get-go!

And then I realized, I have so much on my on EARTH would I handle going back to school right now?  "Keep your feet on the ground.  Keep your feet on the ground."  "When you get bored, grab your To-Do list...don't ADD more hats to your head!"

So, now I'm sane again and dreaming of a day I go back to school.  I'm happily dreaming, not feeling like I'm missing out on anything...just realize I miss school.  Wait.  Yes.  Yes, I just said that I miss school.  I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been a semester off and I could use at least another year off....but I already miss it.  Beeeecause I'm a little bit crazy.  But most of you already knew that. 

Our gratitude continues as we receive phenomenal support!  Please keep praying for us, for our Birth Parents, and for our BABY!!!!  Baby Lewis seems so so very close.  We're excited, pressing on, and enjoying life while we wait.

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