Monday, October 15, 2012

Guess What I Just Did?

Warning: Intense Excitement up Ahead

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have JUST dropped our final papers in the mail for Packet II!!!!  

Here's what's left on my To-Do list:
-Touch base with CSI (tomorrow) on our status with the Home Study paperwork
-Meet with CSI for final Home Study visit (next Wednesday!!!!)
-Turn in "forgotten" documents to CSI during last home visit
-Follow up with Love Basket to confirm receipt of Home Study Report
-Wait for approval from LB
-Wait for Profile information to arrive in the mail (upon approval)
-Begin our Profile for birth mothers to review and be an official "Awaiting Family"

Um.  That's all, folks.

PRAISE JESUS!!! We're almost finished!

Keep praying, please!  Everything is going smoothly.  We're getting closer and closer to meeting our Birth Parents and then....our BaaaabbbyyyyYYY!!! :D